Te Wharau School Year 2 Teachers
Janelle Proffit
Year 2 Teacher - Room 7

I am working in fabulous Room 7 teaching Mathematics in the morning. I am working alongside Frie Askew-Smith. I am also doing Reading Recovery with three children and work with children for Literacy and teachers.

Frie Askew-Smith
Year 2 Teacher - Room 7

Hi, this year Janelle Proffit  and I are sharing Room 7 together.  I am teaching Literacy and Janelle teaches Mathematics. We are CHARMING bunch of Year 2’s  who love to learn.  Come and see all the great things we have been doing in Fabulous Room 7.  We would love to see you!

Shannon Harris
Year 2 Teacher - Room 8

I joined the wonderful team at Te Wharau in 2013.  I teach in Room 8 with Roxanne Johnstone and we have a fantastic class of year 2’s. In Room 8 we learn through the Arts, ICT, Inquiry, problem solving and we work together to achieve great things. We hold high expectations and our class goal is to finish quality work we are proud of. We work to foster creativity and a lifelong love of learning.

   Roxanne Johnstone
Year 2 Teacher - Room 8

I am lucky to work together with Shannon Harris in Room 8. Together we hope to foster inquisitive minds, creative ideas and powerful learning. We encourage our students to work together, have fun and think BIG. Our door is always open so please come and join in our exciting journey of learning and discovery.

Shanan Gray
Year 2 Teacher - Room 6

Kia ora te whanau whanui o Te Kura o Te Wharau!
Ko Matua Shanan taku ingoa no Te-Aitanga-a-Hauiti me Ngai Tai hoki.

I am a past student of Te Wharau School. I am privileged to be teaching in the lovely Room 6 with CHARMing student. We embrace whanau involvement and engagement with our learning journey. Room 6’s door is always open and you are more than welcome to be apart of our class. Nga manaakitanga


elissa Brown
Year 2 Teacher - Room 22

Kia Ora, I teach a Year 2/3 class in Room 22 (The Learning Centre). We are a CHARMing class and our classroom is an ALIVE learning space. I encourage students to be creative and help them to develop their thinking skills. In Room 22 we are cooperate learners and problem solvers. We enjoy learning through cooking and gardening and we spend time taking care of our school environment.

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