Te Wharau School Year 1 Teachers
Meg Brooks
New Entrant/Year 1 Senior Teacher - Room 2

Kia Ora, I am Meg and I am lucky enough to teach the amazing tamariki in Room Two. We have fun at school with lots of singing, dancing and play based learning. We love creating and our classroom is covered in our art. I am passionate about teaching our youngest learners and enjoy seeing how they grow and flourish during their first year at school.

 Clare Spurr
New Entrant/Year 1 Teacher - Room 4

Kia Ora Whanau and Friends. 
I am the teacher of a fabulous team of year 1 learners. We are a risk taking, fun loving, caring classroom who believe that we all have something special to bring to our class.  We are enthusiastic powerful learners who believe that learning is never ending, and we are just at the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery. Please feel free to drop into our class to see us here!

Lil Rangihuna-Aupouri
New Entrant/Year 1 Teacher - Room 5

Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Horouta te waka
Ko Ngati Porou te iwi
Ko Lil Rangihuna-Aupouri ahau


 Vanessa Falanitama
New Entrant/Year 1 Teacher - Room 1

Ka tangi te titi. Ka tangi te kaka. Ka tangi hoki ko au. Tihei Mauri Ora!

Ko Maungahaumia toku maunga
Ko Mangatu toku awa
Ko Mangatu toku marae
Ko Te Ngawari te whare kai
Ko Te Ngahau te whare moe
Ko Rawiri Tamanui te tipuna
Ko Nga Ariki Kaiputahui te iwi
Ko Vanessa ahau

Kia ora, I have a passion for creative arts and Whatatututanga. My doors are always open and you will find me in Room 1. 

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