Te Wharau School Year 1 Teachers
Wendy Edmonds
Year 1 Teacher - Room 2

Welcome! We are learning how to work independently and how to help others and ask for help. We are learning how to make friends and be CHARMing both in class and the school grounds.We know how to keep ourselves busy when we complete a task by looking at the photos on the task board and then we get to choose an independent activity. You are most welcome to come and visit us. 
  Clare Spurr
Year 1 Teacher - Room 4

Kia Ora Whanau and Friends. 
I am the teacher of a fabulous team of year 1 learners. We are a risk taking, fun loving, caring classroom who believe that we all have something special to bring to our class.  We are enthusiastic powerful learners who believe that learning is never ending, and we are just at the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery. Please feel free to drop into our class to see us here!

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Lil Rangihuna-Aupouri
Year 1 Teacher - Room 5

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Jan Stirton
Year 1 Teacher - Room 3

Kia Ora Whanau. I am the teacher of the CHARMing Year One Learners in Room 3  and we are at the start of our Learning Journey at Te Wharau School. We enjoy learning and working together, as well as sharing our powerful learning with each other. We enjoy making our learning activities fun as well as challenging, in order to discover new knowledge and to become independent learners. Please visit us in Room 3. We would love to have you visit us and take part in our fun learning activities anytime. 

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