Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei 
Pursue that which is precious, and do not be deterred by anything less than a lofty mountain.


At Te Wharau School our goal is to create opportunities for students to learn through self motivation, creativity, inquiry and personal strengths. We maintain small class sizes to optimise learning in our modern classrooms.  Te Wharau School is built on the principle of whanaungatanga (learning together). We have adopted an inquiry approach to teaching and learning and have developed a Te Wharau ALIVE Inquiry model (Ask, Locate, Inquire, View, Evaluate) to bring purpose and understanding to our learning. 

We have a high focus on Literacy, Numeracy and PE. Our students participate in regular Performance, Technology and Sports Days, contribute to Art Displays and Science & Technology Fairs. 

We create opportunities for our students to adapt positively to social and educational changes. Te Wharau School Year 4 , 5 and 6 students attend overnight camps. We run specialist programmes catering for our Gifted and Talented and to support those with learning needs.  

Our values programme (CHARM- Cooperation, Hauora, Attitude, Resilience, Manners) was developed by our staff for our students. The aim of CHARM is to have our tamariki learn and develop strong positive values that will lead them towards being responsible citizens and valued whanau and community members. Our CHARM values programme is promoted during weekly Circle Time meetings in each class and through our PB4L Behaviour matrix.  If you are interested in learning more about Circle Time or CHARM, please contact Principal Steve Berezowski.

The purpose of PB4L at Te Wharau is to have a safe and supportive environment that develops CHARMing, confident akonga who are powerful learners and successful citizens of the world.”

The Environmental Team are working hard to keep Te Wharau up to the Silver Enviroschools standard. We continue to recycle and find ways of reducing our environmental footprint. Our children have identified areas around our school that they wish to improve in order to create a more beautiful learning environment. Tamariki continue to maintain and utilise our mara kai and learn the cycle of gardening. We are always keen for extra pairs of hands in the garden, if you would like to be a part of this please let your child’s teacher if you are interested. Read more about Te Wharau School's Enviro focus...

Te Wharau School recognises the cultural diversity of New Zealand, Aotearoa by integrating Te Wharautanga into all curriculum areas. Our curriculum will encourage students to understand and respect the different cultures that make up New Zealand society. Lessons throughout the year will ensure students are familiar with tikanga, reo, waiata and mihi. The Board will consider any requests for instruction in Te Reo in the light of resources, expertise and community organisation at the time. Read more...

Te Wharau School is a Google Applications For Education School (GAFE). We have chromebooks and ipads in all our classrooms and our teachers use these technologies in our classrooms to support the learning of our tamariki. Read more...

Te Wharau School places a high focus on physical education and fundamental movement skills (FMS). Te Wharau School has a comprehensive swimming programme; in terms 1 and 4 all junior classes swim in our school pool  and our senior students swim in the Ilminster School pool. All our students receive coaching support from Comet Swim School. In the middle terms, every junior class attends subsidised swimming lessons with Comet Swim School in the heated, under-cover, Elgin School pool.  Read more about sports opportunities at Te Wharau School... 


Te Wharau School recognises the benefit of teaching Mindfulness, where tamariki will learn and develop tools to help them when faced with anxiety and anger to help increase calmness in all sorts of situations in life.


At Te Wharau School, we believe it is important to teach the whole child. We believe in developing social skills, oral language, emotional values and academic learning. We focus on these skills throughout the day but our "Discovery Time" allows us to do this through play. Each child in our school deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, happy and challenged. This is our ultimate goal and responsibility. We believe that children need to feel happy and safe before they can learn.

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