Te Wharau School Learning Support

Emma O'Hara
Teacher Aide

I work both in the classroom and individually with children, assisting them in all aspects of their learning and language development.

Gill Foothead
Teacher Aide

I work as a Teacher Aide in the Junior Department taking small groups of children for alphabet and word work, daily sessions for the Talk to Learn Oral Language programme.
 I enjoy helping with Breakfast Club and keeping our school gardens tidy.

Ngaroma Ngata
Teacher Aide

I work alongside children with needs.

Nigel Thornicroft
Teacher Aide

I work with a small group of students in the Senior Department who benefit from extra support in Literacy. We use the Steps Programme to develop skills which they can then consolidate back in class. As an extension activity, literacy skills are practised while using ICT. I use video storytelling, animation and game creation to facilitate this. 

Jo Hiko
Teacher Aide

I work in the Junior and Senior Department classrooms supporting students to achieve their goals. The children I support are encouraged to have fun and be enthusiastic about learning. My skills include modelling good behaviour in both written and physical tasks. 

Connie Ahuriri
Teacher Aide

My job involves supporting students with high needs, as we want them to feel valued members of our school. I help them to participate safely in as many areas of the curriculum as possible. These students benefit from consistent routines and I am there for them 100%.  

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