Te Wharau School Specialist Teachers

Janelle Proffit

Math and Writing specialist support for teachers

Aubrey Ria
CRT and Te Reo Teacher

Kia ora te whanau, this year I have been given the opportunity to work with all students across the kura. As the CRT teacher we learn about Te Ao Maori concepts. There is a huge focus on Nga korero o nehera, historic stories pertaining to Turanganui a Kiwa like Horouta waka and the Rangatira who make up our students graduate profile. We learn about the importance of knowing and being proud of who we are in our whakapapa and pepeha. We unpack feelings and emotions from a Maori perspective. We celebrate kaupapa like Matariki and Te Taiao (environment). Students increase their knowledge and gain a greater understanding and empathy for Te Reo Maori and Te Ao Maori.

Maiko Lewis-Whaanga
CRT and Mindfulness Teacher

Kia Ora. You will find me in Room 23 from Monday to Wednesday. I am lucky enough to be working alongside all the tamariki this year while taking the Classroom Teacher Release Days.  During this time tamariki will learn about Mindfulness. 

Jo Larsen
Reading Support Teacher

Kia Ora, I have been very fortunate to be working at Te Wharau School since 2003.  I am now working part time due to having a young family, but you will find me in the Junior department mainly supporting reading and teacher release.

Margie Rickard
HPP/PPP and Multi Lit Programme

I am the Pause Prompt Praise (PPP) reading coordinator working mainly in the Senior Department (years 4 - 6) and I work  with children on our Multi Lit program to help teach word attack skills to help accelerate reading.  You will also see me in the Breakfast Club. I enjoy interacting with all the different CHARMing children I meet at Te Wharau School.
  Jonette Rudge
HPP/PPP and Multi Lit Programme  

I wear three hats where I run the Multi Lit Program  and the HPP where students make up lost time in literacy learning word attack skills and stories to help them accelerate in their reading. I can also been found in the Year 4 team as beginning teacher release. 
 Kate Walker
Reading Support Teacher

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